Why Eximtur Business?

7 arguments for which you can count on us:


QUALITY and SAFETY. We are permanently concerned with the safety and comfort of your travels. Due to strong partnerships with the best providers in the industry we can offer you the best quality services and we are one of the most solid companies in the travel sector in Romania.

CUSTOMIZED and INTEGRATED SERVICES. Every company is different in its own way and their representatives have different travel needs and different expectations. We offer you customized and complete solutions, in order to make your travels more efficient and help you concentrate on your business objectives!

 HIGH END TECHNOLOGY for optimizing the administration costs of business travels. We offer you:
 - Latest information technology solutions for creating and setting the travel policy
 - Transparent prices and service fees
 - Modern methods for managing reservations
 - Integration with the information technology solutions for activity management from your company
 - Detailed reports regarding the travels and business events of your company 

    THE TEAM and CONSULTANCY SERVICES. We are an efficient team of travel consultants. We understand the profile of the business traveller and the distinctive plan of organizing a corporate event. We have the know-how and the technology for offering you an accurate and quick guidance.

    INTEGRITY and TRANSPARENCY. We believe in long term partnerships and mutual respect. For us, transparency is a working principle, along with the best practices in the field, we carefully select our offer and we put at your disposal competitive prices. We respect the legislation and conduct our activity at international standards, for your benefit!

    AVAILABILITY.  We wish to be at your side, to solve all the emergencies that may occur, even after the working hours. Our special service for assistance and bookings, dedicated only to the companies, is available at the phone number 0364 - 803.899, from Monday to Friday between 18:00 - 09:00 and non-stop on Saturday and Sunday!

    EXPERIENCE. We are proud to have the reputation of a leading company. We are up to date with the latest news and the constantly changing demands of the travel market. We are permanently looking for new and creative solutions for your travel needs.