HIGH END TECHNOLOGY  for optimizing the administration costs of business travel. We offer you:

  • Latest IT solutions for creating and implementing the travel policy
  • Transparent prices and service fees
  • Modern methods for managing bookings 
  • Integration with your company’s IT solutions for activity management
  • Detailed reports regarding the travels and business events of your company 
Amadeus e-Travel Management SBT (Self Booking Tool)

Amadeus e-Travel Management SBT (Self Booking Tool)

Online reservation platform that gives you the possibility to book in real time for different services: Air, Hotel, Rent-a-car and Train with the observance of the company's Travel Policies.

Benefits for corporate clients:

  • Discount for travel costs – 20% immediately after implementation
  • The possibility to implement the travel policy
  • Efficient integration with the IT applications used by companies (e.g.: integration with SAP already developed)
  • Several travel options offered in a single screen (e.g.: including "low-cost" flights)
  • Real-time access to reports
  • Quick implementation

AirPlus International

AirPlus International is a global provider of payment solutions and IT management systems for business travels.

In Romania, AirPlus International offers "AirPlus Company Account" and several electronic invoicing options for companies. “AirPlus Company Account” is a "virtual credit card" that you can use as a centralized payment method for the travel costs with EXIMTUR.

By using AirPlus Company Account as a payment method, all the information from the issued plane tickets are automatically identified for realeasing the invoice. Additionally, AirPlus International collects all the payments made through AirPlus Company Account and sends you regularly, according to mutually agreed terms, detailed and customized reports. 

The most important benefits in using “AirPlus Company Account” as a payment method, are:

  • Complete, detailed invoices, offered in several formats, depending on the requirements
  • Cost transparency – all travel costs are accurate attributed and analyzed for each provider
  • Long term decrease of costs
  • Detailed and customized reports
  • Neutrality